High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator

HB-CDM class 40

The Neophotonics High-Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM) is a cutting-edge product for high-end communications networks, providing the functionality of a high performance coherent modulation in a small form-factor (OIF standard). It takes a polarized input (PMF fiber, light injected on fast axis) and splits the light over two polarization paths and adds phase modulated coding, typically DP-QPSK or QAM. It then combines the light into one fiber (SMF) for transmission over long distance networks. 

The product works well with the Neophotonics Integrated Coherent Receiver.

Please contact Pure Photonics if you are interested in this product. Engagement on this product does require an NDA in place and approval from the supplier.