Integrated Coherent Receivers

The Lumentum Class 40 Integrated Coherent Receiver provides superior performance in detection of coherent modulated signals. It has a built-in variable optical attenuator on the signal path and a built-in polarizaiton splitter for the LO signal. The 90 degree-hybrid mixes the LO with the signal and the four High speed Transimpedance amplifiers detect the quadrature phase of the signal in both polarizations.

High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulators

The Lumentum High-Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM) is a cutting-edge product for high-end communications networks, providing the functionality of a high performance coherent modulation in a small form-factor (OIF standard). It takes a polarized input (PMF fiber, light injected on fast axis) and splits the light over two polarization paths and adds phase modulated coding, typically DP-QPSK or QAM. It then combines the light into one fiber (SMF) for transmission over long distance networks. 

The product works well with the LumentumIntegrated Coherent Receiver.

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation Mother Board for Integrated Coherent Receiver. Provides power supplies and control electronics to control all DC-pins of an Integrated Coherent Receiver. Form-factor agnostic. Data-rate agnostic.

Comes with GUI control software for convenient adjustment of settings and monitoring of performance.

Evaluation Daughter board for micro-ICR. Form-factor and data-rate specific.

Class 40 board works with class 40 micro-ICR (with VOA).

ICR daughterboard

ICR control board. Provides power supplies and control signals for the micro-ICR (comparable to the motherboard). Has RS-232 (LVTTL) and micro-USB interface to allow control through programming script. 

PPEB075 installed on top of daughterboard