M500 Power Monitor

These in-line power monitors are ideal for use in experimental set-ups and monitored links to determine the power level at a specific location. The light propagates unaffected through the device, whereas evanescent light is detected. 

Optionally, the unit can communicate throught the micro-USB interface and either be controlled by a GUI or through a programming language.

The M500 comes either in high sensitivity mode (-50 – 16dBm) or in high power mode (-40 – +25dBm). It can either be calibrated at 1550nm only or at 1310/1480/1550nm.

Pure Photonics typically has these products in inventory for quick shipment.

Works well with the VG01 manual attenuator.

Datasheet M500

SR100 in-line Photo-diode

The SR100 series products detect light within the fiber based on evanescent light. The fiber is continuous, without tap. Hence there is no reflection and low loss. Thanks to the positioning of the photodiode the product has strong directivity (i.e. light is detected in one direction and not the other,  loss is minimal in both direction). 

The product is available in a wide range of responsivity. It can be configured with or without 900um buffer around the fiber. And it comes in SMF, PMF and even 980nm PMF.

Pure Photonics typically has a selection in inventory for quick shipment.

Datasheet SR100

VG01 Manual Attenuator

The VG01 manual attenuator is based on an accurately controlled airgap in the optical path. A convenient large know can be turned to dial in the target attenuation and a locking mechanism is included to fix the attenuation.

The VG01 works well with the M500 power meters.

Datasheet VG01