Optical Attenuators

MEMS-based Variable Optical Attenuator 

NeoPhotonics MEMS VOA is an ultra-compact variable optical attenuator that easily drops into any optical network application. Both bright and dark configurations are available, with very low insertion loss and polarization-dependent loss, high dynamic range and high off-state extinction. The hermetically-sealed MEMS chip is insensitive to shock and vibration and is ESD safe up to 500V.

This MEMS VOA is ideal for receiver protection or transponder power control, and it is also widely used in EDFAs of for equalization in multi-channel systems.

Pure Photonics currently mainly supports (i.e. has inventory of) the VOA8000 version, but the smaller form-factor VOA9000 can also be made available.  

Manually controlled Air-Gap Attenuator

The Eigenlight manual attenuator is a robust and easily controlled manual attenuator. the attenuation level is set by turning a large easy-to-control knob and once reaching the proper level the value can be locked in .

The attenuator assembly comes attached to a patchcord (2mm cable) and can be easily inserted in any fiber-optic setup for precise and convenient power control.  The attenuator works well with the M500 in-line power monitoring solutions.