Components for Coherent Communications

Lumentum’s Coherent technology is the dominant choice for coherent networks worldwide. More than 50% of the currently deployed 100Gbps long-haul networks are built upon this technology.

Now Pure Photonics is making this component available for lab and niche applications, providing high performance telecom component to all users.

Class 40 Integrated Coherent Receiver

Integrated Coherent Receivers are optical components, which beat an incoming signal against a local oscillator (LO), which is detected with 4 balanced receivers, after appropriate polarization and phase shifts. This allows to obtain the full phase and polarization information from the incoming signal. This is specifically used for coherently modulated signals such as DP-QPSK and higher level QAM modulation. 

The dominant industry form-factor for Integrated Coherent Receivers is micro-ICR, defined in the OIF MSA, making it a compact and consistent solution for any coherent communications applications and other applications where coherent detection is required (even though the detection bandwidth is likely higher than needed for those applications, the reliability, availability and pricing may still make this the preferred solution). As these products are widely deployed in telecom networks worldwide, reliability is validated and proven.

The micro-ICR is available in class  40 (400Gbps) configuration.

Class 40 Product Specifications

  • Operating band: C-band version and L-band version
  • 40GHz Typical Bandwidth
  • -18 – 0 dBm input power
  • Operating temperature range -5C – 85C
  • Automated and manual Analog Output Amplitude controls
  • Amplifier Shut-down Controls

The product can be obtained together with an evaluation board to make the use of the product much more convenient.

The Evaluation board set consists out of a mother board with all the control electronics (controlled by complimentary software) and a daughterboard which holds the ICR and contains all the RF-outputs. The daughter-board can be swapped out.

Pure Photonics also provides an ICR control board which provides a compact board to control the ICR through a programmable interface (LVTTL RS-232 or micro-USB). It is designed to work with the daughterboard and to replace the motherboard. For a user that wants to create their own PCB with RF traces, this can also be a suitable solution

High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM)

The class 40 HB-CDM allows for the user to decode the input light with a high speed dual-polarization phase modulated signal, to be used in coherent communications. The class 40 product contains an InP modulator and is fully compliant with the OIF specification.