[CHANGES] =’4 May 2024; Added analog array functions. Manual has been updated’


[CHANGES] =’23 April 2024; fixed fcf, lf, channel commands for devices that are not MSA1.3 compliant. Fixed incorrect read of AEA registers (like serial number) where end character was ignored.’


[CHANGES] =’10 April 2024; fixed it.channel commands.’


[CHANGES] =’19 March 2024; Minor bug fixes. Packet output now printed properly. ICR command Peak Voltage was reading wrong register. Firmware upgrade now first checks for file before starting upgrade.’


[CHANGES] =’01 March 2024; Full update from python 2 to python 3. Python 2 version was not working with Windows 11 anymore. Added CoBrite and DX support. Also completed firmware upgrade for CoBrite (and possibly DX4). Fully supporting higher COM ports now and able to process both COM and numeric ports. Added ICR commands (PPEB076). Added Cleanjump commands. Added method to check for updates. ‘


[CHANGES]=’Previous versions not tracked’